Prospective Services

DDDS provides Provider and Member Centric, Record retrieval and medical coding services tailored to each of our client’s needs. These services comprehensively manage our client’s members and their engagement with their providers.

Retrospective Services

DDDS provides Suspect Analytics, Record retrieval and medical coding services leveraging our priority Suspect Analytics model that maximizes ROI for retrospective services.

RAPS Submissions

Our RAPS solution submits all acceptable risk-adjusting diagnosis codes for the payment year model. All submissions will be deduped and filtered as required based on CMS submission rules. Client-specific filtering can also be applied.

EDPS Submissions

The EDPS solution includes submission of professional, institutional, DME and supplemental data files. The solution validates that encounters pass a series of edits before being sent to CMS. Errors received back from CMS are displayed in DDDS’s online portal, along with screens to assist clients fix errors in their source system (also downloadable to PDF, Excel, and CSV). Clients can then resend claims data to DDDS, they will be linked back to the original encounter (ICN), if applicable, and then resubmitted to CMS.

Retrospective Suspect Analytics

DDDS leverages a proprietary suspect analytics engine that is configurable to accommodate client needs. Our engine evaluates members, providers, claims, lab, HCC, RAPS, and MOR data to target and rank members, their suspect conditions, and the best possible provider locations to retrieve their medical records.

Prospective Gap Analytics

Our Prospective Gap Analytics leverages enhanced priority logic to determine target and rank prospective gaps and dropped HCC’s. This product combined with our Prospective Services allows our clients to proactively close gaps.

Medical Record Review

DDDS offers a web enabled Medical Record review and coding application that allows for efficient and high quality record review, coding, and QA.

Population Analytics and Reporting

Robust online reporting and dashboards that assess and break down trends, patterns, and anomalies across member and provider population.

Financial Analytics and Reporting

Best in class online financial reporting and dashboards that offer clients the ability to project revenue, understand potential risks, and trend their financial performance.

HCC Helper

Mobile iOS Application that provides quick and easy to view reference for Diagnosis CD and HCC look up.


Mobile iOS Application that allows for Health Risk Assessments from anywhere, online or offline.

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